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Funny Firm show prep highlights for the week of November 16-20, 2020        

Oscar-winning director Spike Lee is going to direct his first musical.  Here's the kicker, it's a musical about Viagra!  *The big question is...if the show lasts more than 4 hours, do you need to seek immediate medical attention?  (Paul Dudley) 

Atari is opening a themed hotel in Las Vegas.  *It's the perfect hotel for what is almost certainly your last date.  (Dave Vincent)

The City of New Orleans says there won't be any parades during 2021's Mardi Gras.  Parades will not be permitted because large gatherings could be super spreaders of the coronavirus.  *I remember back when Mardi Gras was only known as a super spreader of puke and colorful beads. (Paul Dudley) 

Netflix has announced the release date for Kevin Hart’s upcoming stand-up special. *Netflix executives say it's really funny and short. (Mike Pritchett)

YouTube went down worldwide for about an hour recently. *Unfortunately, just before it went down the algorithm made viewers watch a 6 second ad. (Mike Pritchett)

Waffle House has cooked up its very first brew that smells like bacon.  The breakfast restaurant chain named it Bacon and Kegs. It's the beer for anyone who thinks everything is better with bacon.  *Or to be more blunt, anyone who thinks beer is better with breakfast.  (Paul Dudley)

A semi-truck hauling beer in Canada overturned, spilling the brew all over the highway last week.  *First responders showed up with a plate, chicken wings, a bib and a TV remote.  (Dave Vincent)

Xbox Series X is delayed as pre-orders might arrive after Christmas, Amazon says.  *Wait a second, are you telling me I may have to get a job, and, at the very most...lose my virginity?  (Dave Vincent)

The U.S. bankruptcy court has approved the sale of J.C. Penney.  *That's ironic, it's the first thing J.C. Penny has sold in years.  (Paul Dudley)

A New Mexico woman claims someone broke into her house and stole her high school yearbook, then nine years later she found it in a yard sale. Weird. *That’s the same thing Taylor Swift says about her virginity. (Bill Williams)

Amazon owned Ring, recalled 350,000 smart video doorbells for potential fire hazard. *Authorities were alerted to the issue when several customers started leaving 5 alarm reviews. (Mike Pritchett)

Cheetos is releasing its very first holiday cookbook. The cookbook features Cheetos related recipes and is called Bon-Appe-Cheetos. The book is dedicated to coronavirus food relief.  *It's the perfect Christmas gift for the quarantined stoner in your life.  (Paul Dudley)

Walmart has started it's Black Friday deals, with early online discounts.  *For in-store sales, Walmart's dropping the price on everything but you'll just have to wait a week.  TV's regularly priced at $849.99 will be free...but only for customers who get really violent when the doors open. (Dave Vincent)

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