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Funny Firm show prep highlights for the week of May 16 - May 20, 2022      

Netflix is unveiling a new feature aimed at kids called the "Mystery Box."  It'll show a youngster a recommended TV series or movie they've never watched before.  That's pretty cool.  *After keeping track of what I watch all the time, Netflix keeps recommending I get a life.  (Paul Dudley)

Machine Gun Kelly is showing off the matching tattoo he has with Megan Fox.  MGK posted to Instagram to give a shout out to his fiancée on her 36th birthday.  In one photo, the two showed  their matching voodoo doll tattoos with stitched hearts and button eyes on their ring fingers.  *And you thought their relationship would end up being their biggest mistake.  (Paul Dudley)

The "She-Hulk" series will hit Disney Plus this August.  Marvel  confirmed the release date along side with releasing the first official trailer for the series.  "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law" is set to have ten episodes.  *"She-Hulk: Attorney at Law"?...So it's official, Marvel is no longer trying.  (Paul Dudley)
Elon Musk continues with his skepticism about the Twitter's estimate of fake accounts, with his deal to buy Twitter for 44-billion dollars temporarily on hold.  Musk says a deal to buy Twitter at a lower price is "not out of the question."   *Musk learned a valuable lesson, be patient, resist clicking on the "buy it now" button.  (Paul Dudley)

March for Jesus events are being planned around the country.  Believers will gather in cities around the nation on Saturday, June 4th for the marches.  People are encouraged to publicly proclaim the glory, the majesty and the supremacy of the Savior.  *As a Christian you can either march, or watch the NBA playoffs and then ask for forgiveness.  (Paul Dudley)

A popular item is returning to a fast food menu board.  The Mexican Pizza is returning to Taco Bell after it was taken off the menu two years ago. It becomes available to all customers starting today.  *So an American restaurant, that doesn't really sell Mexican food, is going to sell a Mexican version of an Italian dish that was actually popularized in America?  (Paul Dudley)

Triple-A reports the national average price for regular jumped again to four dollars and 52 cents a gallon Tuesday.  California drivers are getting hit the hardest with prices there now topping six bucks a gallon, on average.  *It's getting so expensive, smart carjackers should just steal the gas, leave the car. (Paul Dudley)

NBA star Stephen Curry is officially a college graduate.  Thirteen years after entering the NBA, Curry over the weekend received a bachelors degree in sociology from Davidson College in North Carolina.  He shared photos on his social media calling the achievement "a dream come true."   *Thirteen years to finish college...what party school did he go to?  (Paul Dudley)

An expensive sneaker that comes "fully-destroyed" is the talk of social media.  Balenciaga has released a limited-edition version of their "Paris" high-top sneaker, one that already comes complete with tears, smudges and a graffiti logo.  The price...18-hundred-50 dollars.  *Or you can just find a similar pair in your teenagers closet for free.  (Paul Dudley)

A Monroe County Florida Sheriff's Office deputy tried to pull over 19-year-old Janiya Douglas for speeding and driving recklessly, but she kept on driving.  When she finally stopped, she told the deputy getting arrested has been on her bucket list since high school.  *How bad is it in the world right now that people in high school are thinking about bucket lists?  (Paul Dudley)

Uber is set to test food delivery with robots. The tests will include four wheeled robots that take sidewalks as well as self driving cars meant for long distances.  Uber says robot deliveries will make up a very small number of the company's deliveries in the near future.  *At least until Skynet gets up and running.  (Paul Dudley)

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