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Funny Firm show prep highlights for the week of April 29 - May 3, 2024:

Five women have joined in on litigation against Walmart that claims the company was reckless when a janitor filmed them in a bathroom of a Walmart store in Decatur. *The janitor didn't get much video of people on the toilet...just lots of footage of  people making meth. (Rick Fancy) 

On this date in 1986, Dolly Parton opened the doors to her theme park Dollywood in Tennessee.  *For every redneck, at least one visit to Dollywood occupies position number 9 on their bucket list.  (Paul Dudley)

Boeing is set to launch its first ever Starliner astronaut mission for NASA.  The Starliner is designed to take crews to and from the ISS.  *This is the answer to the question, what is scarier than taking a flight on a airplane built by Boeing?   *Answer: taking a space ship flight on a spacecraft built by Boeing.  (Paul Dudley)

Actress Christina Hendricks is 49 today.  She's famous for the T.V. show Mad Men...and up until Sydney Sweeny arrived in Hollywood she was most famous for...well you know.  (Paul Dudley)

The New York Mets are looking to hire a new "Manager of Mascot Operations," a job that includes performing as either Mr. Met, or his wife, Mrs. Met.    Mr. Met was the first mascot in the major leagues…  *...not counting Josť Altuve.  (Paul Dudley)

The Biden administration plans to reclassify marijuana, easing restrictions nationwide.  The interim rule will reclassify the drug to a less stringent category that includes Tylenol and steroids.  *Tylenol, steroids and marijuana...or as Arnold Schwarzenegger calls it...Thursday morning.  (Paul Dudley)

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, singer Billie Eilish talked about her new song, "Lunch", which details her being intimate with another woman. Eilish says she wants to have her face in another woman’s privates.   *Speaking of her face…am I the only one that thinks Billy Eilish always look like she’s just returned from a dispensary?  (Rick Fancy)

On this date in 2008, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger was ordered to pay a fine from an arrest in which he reportedly had almost twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system when he was driving.  What a coincidence!  *People who actually like Nickelback also have twice the legal limit of alcohol in their system.  (Rick Fancy)  

Chicago resident, Kahdaffie Green, was recently out on parole for carrying out a $46,000 heist at a Prada store when he got busted  in a quarter-million dollar raid of a nearby Louis Vuitton store.  *Officials say he may or may not be armed...but he's definitely Booshie.  (Paul Dudley)

The U.S. bought dozens of Soviet-era combat aircraft built in the 70s and 80s from Kazakhstan to give to the Ukrainians.  Each plane cost about $19,000.  *So Ukrainian pilots are going to fly a $19,000 dollar, 50 year-old Soviet fighter jet into combat, *the first words of the pilots will be...OK, you first.  (Paul Dudley)  

A motorist who crashed into a North Dakota liquor store last fall will spend two years in jail and pay a fine.   Officials say Jonathan Taylor drove high on mushrooms, crashed into a booze mart, then fled on foot before being arrested.  *Sounds like North Dakota-man could soon replace Florida-man.  (Rick Fancy)

A new survey found Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas are the top three cities for marijuana tourism. *The one thing marijuana tourists are heard saying most often...Dude, Where's my Rental Car? (Rick Fancy)

PetSmart is offering to cover your bad ink with a tattoo of your favorite pet.  Five winners will be flown to Los Angeles to get unwanted tattoos covered by new ones of their pets.  The contest is called "PetSmart Tattoo Redo."    *Or for some...Lady and the Tramp Stamp.  (Rick Fancy)

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