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Funny Firm show prep highlights for the week of May 10 - May 14, 2021        

YouTube is spending money on its new short-form video product.  The company will use a 100-million dollar fund to pay those who make the most popular videos for its Shorts product. *So be ready for a slew of Youtuber pranksters pouring large amounts of Jell-o mix into their backyard pool.  (Paul Dudley)

The value of cryptocurrency plunged 340-billion dollars after Tesla stopped car purchases using bitcoin.  After CEO Elon Musk tweeted Tesla was pausing bitcoin purchases, the cryptocurrency market dropped to just over two-trillion dollars.  *Thank god I have my cash invested in something more rock solid...Monopoly money.  (Paul Dudley)

In an interview, Snooki once claimed that Lindsay Lohan once made out with Pauly D.  *In Lindsay's defense, it was during a wildly irresponsible time of her life called, all of it. (Dave Vincent)

The frozen margarita machine is 50-years-old this week.  It all started when Dallas restaurateur Mariano Martinez bought and modified a soft-serve ice cream machine, and made the first frozen margarita on May 11th, 1971.  That original machine is on loan to the Smithsonian in D.C.  *It's part of their great moments in drunken bachelorette party history display.  (Paul Dudley)

A new report says a 70-year-old American man contracted three illnesses from a single tick bite.  Laboratory studies revealed that the man had Lyme disease, babesiosis, and anaplasmosis.  Luckily, all of the diseases were treatable with antibiotics. *Just like after a date with Paris Hilton.  (Paul Dudley)

Actress Suzanne Somers and her husband have sold their sprawling compound in Palm Springs, California.  Real estate documents show it sold for the original asking price of eight-point-five-million-dollars.  *It's known as the house that the Thighmaster built.  (Paul Dudley)

George Lucas celebrates his birthday this week.  He's now 77.  *No one's throwing him a usual, he'll just take his birthday party from 1978 and digitally add new stuff to it.  (Dave Vincent)

It looks like Benniffer may be getting back together. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been spotted vacationing together in Montana.  This comes after J-Lo recently split from Alex Rodriguez. *This is heart warming news, well, right up until the two start making movies together again.  (Paul Dudley)

Mattress review company Eachnight, is going to pay five people 15-hundred dollars each to take naps every day for 30 days.  They'll have to test out different benefits of napping such as its effect on memory, motivation, and productivity.  *Also, how much it affects their job performance at the Department of Motor Vehicles.  (Paul Dudley)

Tom Cruise gave his three Golden Globe statues back because he doesn’t like the way they run the show. He’s serious too. *Those are the statues he stands on to brush his teeth. (Bill Williams)

Peloton has voluntarily recalled all of its Tread Plus treadmills over safety concerns.  Dozens of injuries and one death have been connected to the Tread Plus. *I haven't had any problems with my Peloton, or as I call it...the world's most expensive towel rack. (Paul Dudley)

France and Belgium are settling a long standing border dispute after a farmer recently moved a historic stone blocking his path. The farmer moved the stone seven-and-a-half feet, giving Belgium more land.  *The farmer is clearly making more room for some sweet, sweet Belgian Waffle goodness.  (Paul Dudley)

The Saudi Arabian businessman who owns Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit is standing by legendary trainer Bob Baffert.  This comes after Churchill Downs suspended Baffert when Medina Spirit failed a drug test. *I bet Medina Spirit totally regrets that crazy lost weekend with Charlie Sheen.  (Paul Dudley) 

Friday was the last day for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame fan voting.  Millions of votes were cast. Iron Maiden was one of the finalists.  *So clearly, that creepy dude back in high school who used to sell weed in the school cafeteria was very excited.  (Paul Dudley)

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