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Funny Firm show prep highlights for the week of July 19 - July 23, 2021        

Severe flooding in central China is causing problems for Apple's largest iPhone manufacturing plant.  Employees say water at the assembly site say water seeped into the facility.  *Great, now they have to convince the guy at the Genius Bar that they didn't drop thousands of iPhones into the toilet.  (Paul Dudley)

Some parents are reporting that the popular kids TV show Peppa Pig has some American children talking like British children.  The kids are also adopting good speaking habits like always saying please and thank you.  *Also constantly asking things like...what's for dinner, and why isn't the wi-fi working? (Paul Dudley)  

Brooklyn-based Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is churning out a new flavor.  Kraft Macaroni & Cheese-flavored ice cream is making its debut just in time for the dog days of summer.  That's perfect.  *Once the high wears off, stoners will find that their dog will be the only one willing to eat the leftover Kraft Macaroni and Cheese ice cream.  (Paul Dudley)

It's rumored that the producers of Sharknado are planning another sequel.  *It's all part of an effort to keep Hollywood's D-listers working through to the end of the pandemic.  (Paul Dudley)

WhatsApp is testing a new feature that will let people message without using their phone for the first time. *According to a spokesperson for the company they are going to call it...talking. (Mike Pritchett)

Supporters of suspended American sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson are asking she be allowed to compete at the Olympics.  They held a rally at the U.S. Anti Doping Agency office in Colorado last week calling for the runner to be reinstated, after testing positive for marijuana.  *Which is weird because normally most people test mellow for marijuana.  (Paul Dudley)

A minor league baseball game in New Jersey turned violent Thursday.  A fight brke out in the stands during dollar beer night at a meeting of the New Jersey Jackals against the Sussex County Miners game at Yogi Berra Stadium in Little Falls.  *Dollar beer night, Yogi Berra, New Jersey...what was the over/under on a fight breaking out at that game?  (Paul Dudley)

CNN will launch a new subscription streaming service early next year.  The new service is called CNN+.   *Network officials are looking to hook cheapskates who make a special trip to the airport to watch CNN.  (Rick Fancy)

The Eiffel Tower has reopened for the first time since October. In addition to social distancing, face masks are required for any visitor over the age of 11.  *You'll be thankful for the mask and distancing after you smell the French dude standing next to you.  (Paul Dudley) 

Seventy-three year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger was spotted showing his 46 year old physical therapist girlfriend Heather Milligan around his native Austria this past week.  *Forty-six...come on Arnold, you're old enough to be her illegitimate father.  (Dave Vincent)

A study once found that smoking marijuana before driving doubles the risk of you getting into an accident. *In response, a stoner said, Or maybe smoking marijuana doubles the risk of an accident getting in a car with you...I just blew your mind, man!  (Dave Vincent)

The University of Maryland is celebrating its first graduating class for a masters in marijuana.  The Master of Science in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics program is the first graduate program for the field in the country.  *So I guess the students now have a PH.D. in T.H.C.?  (Paul Dudley)
Engineers at NASA are working on the cause of Hubble Space Telescope’s month-long inactivity. Since the telescope is about as old as Bill Gate’s marriage they’ll do what his wife Melinda did. *Control. Alt. Divorce. (Bill  Williams)

Kraft has created a new Mac & Cheese flavored Ice Cream.  *In addition to all that Cheesy also comes with unfathomable amounts of shame and regret. (Dave Vincent)

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