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Funny Firm show prep highlights for the week of June 20 - June 24, 2022      

Male birth control pill trials could start by the end of the year. *It will work much better than the old form of male birth control...wearing a Comic-Con 2021 t-shirt everywhere you go.  (Paul Dudley)

A team of researchers is trying to see what lies two miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean.  The Nautilus Expedition Vessel left Honolulu for a 26-day trip earlier this week to the U.S. territory of Johnston Atoll.  *While researchers hope to make some interesting scientific discoveries, they also hope to locate whatever is left of Will Smith's career.  (Paul Dudley)

The first craft beer created by an artificial intelligence platform is now available in New Orleans.  The Nola Brewery hosted a launch party on Monday for A-I Blonde Ale. *So enjoy a little artificial intelligence with your beer...not to be confused with a little liquid courage with your beer.  (Paul Dudley)

The first craft beer created by artificial intelligence is now available in New Orleans. The beer resulted from an experiment between the Australian Institute for Machine Learning and Barossa Valley Brewing.  *Some people worry about world war and inflation...i get worried when Australians start experimenting with beer.  (Paul Dudley)

First day of summer has passed.  And you can tell too!  *Kids everywhere are playing baseball, football, and basketball...On their iPads.  (Dave Vincent)

Southwest Airlines pilots are marching on a picket line, upset over working conditions.  Striking pilots can be entertaining.  *During protest chants, pilots often describe the beautiful view of the sidewalk on the left hand side of the picket line.  (Paul Dudley)     

The makers of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese have decided to change the name of the cheesy snack to Kraft Mac and Cheese.  The change will take place in August.  College students and stoners everywhere will spend an hour staring at the box trying to figure out what changed.  (Paul Dudley)

Kellogg will split into three independent companies by the end of next year.  The company will spin off its cereal and snacking divisions.  Names for the new cereal and snack food companies have not been announced.  *How about Stoner's Delight, Green Cuisine and Scooby Snacks?  (Paul Dudley) 

Twitter's board of directors has approved a 44-billion-dollar buyout by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.  The Board's approval still needs to be voted upon by shareholders.  *It's only a matter of time, coming soon to Twitter...Flamethrower Fridays.  (Paul Dudley)

Millions of people across the UK face severe travel disruption as thousands of train staff go out on strike.  Rail bosses say they want to modernize the rail networks, calling some aspects of the system "frankly Victorian."  *Although train operators are moving into the 21st century, just last year all the  conductors received a new smart pocket watch.  (Paul Dudley)

A new report shows the Chinese parent company of TikTok accessed American users' data repeatedly.  BuzzFeed News claims ByteDance employees in China have frequently accessed private data on U.S. users.  The good news?  *No one really cares, everyone was too busy watching TikTok videos.  (Paul Dudley)

Researchers say they've discovered the fastest-growing black hole of the last nine billion years.  An international team of  astronomers discovered the black hole now known as J1144.  *It's the biggest black hole in the universe not counting the gas tank in my car.  (Paul Dudley)    

WWE Founder and CEO Vince McMahon is stepping back as CEO and chairman of the wrestling empire in the midst of an investigation into alleged misconduct.  *How can someone claim misconduct from an organization that encourages employees to hit other employees with folding chairs?  (Paul Dudley)

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