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Funny Firm show prep highlights for the week of February 5 - February 9, 2024

Finnair airline has announced it is now weighing passengers along with their carry-on luggage before takeoff to have a better estimate of the plane's weight.  *If the TSA agent can successfully guess your weight, do you get a prize?  (Rick Fancy)

Sofia Vergara says she has interesting things in her walk-in closet at home, one is a black and white nude, boudoir-style image of herself in the center room. *Wow, what a coincidence, I have a mental image of a naked Sofia Vegara in the center of my brain.  (Rick Fancy)

A record 68-million Americans are expected to bet on the Super Bowl this Sunday.  The number of Americans placing bets on the Chiefs and 49ers game is up 35-percent from last year.   *Remember kids, it’s not who wins or’s who covers the spread.  (Paul Dudley)

A massive storm hit Los Angeles Monday.  Traffic was chaotic.   *When a mansion floats down Rodeo drive, no is quite sure who has the right of way.  (Paul Dudley)

A Florida Christian School has banned a mother from dropping off her kids because she advertises her OnlyFans account on her car.  Thirty-five-year-old Michelle Cline, says the decal with her OnlyFans account address is not racy.  *The sticker on her mini-van lets everyone know...she’s a proud Sucker Mom.  (Rick Fancy)

A new study finds TikTok has become one of the most popular sources for financial advice.  Gen Zers are nearly five times more likely to get financial tip from social media than older adults.  Young investors, look to so-called "fin-fluencers" for money-saving, or money-making wisdom.  *In other words...we’re all doomed.  (Paul Dudley)

Jamaican reggae superstar Bob Marley would have celebrated a  birthday today.  *Birthday parties with Bob were fun...although no one really knew if the heavy smoke was from the birthday candles or something else.  (Paul Dudley)

World famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his tree stump Friday morning and failed to see his shadow.  *This means we still have 6 more weeks of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift drama.  (Paul Dudley)

"Death by Lightning" is a new Netflix historical drama that follows 20th U.S. President, James Garfield.  The series is produced by the team behind "Game of Thrones".  *It’ll be interesting to see how they incorporate presidential intrigue in  1881, and the daily challenges of dealing with man-killing fire breathing Dragons.  (Rick Fancy)

Dozens of chickens made a run for it in downtown L.A.'s Chinatown. Police officers and bystanders, and even an Uber driver, attempted to catch about one-hundred chickens that escaped a poultry market on Thursday.  *The chickens are currently resting comfortably, in a warm sweet and sour sauce.  (Paul Dudley)

Today back in 1850, Frank Baldwin patented the first adding machine.  It was 20 inches high and weighed ten pounds.  *So, a bit like Ariana Grande.  (Paul Dudley)

Sunday back in 2016,  "Playboy" magazine released it’s first non-nude issue.  *Predictably, 8 years later, Playboy is a non-issue.  (Rick Fancy)

A Florida woman is under arrest after she allegedly  threatened workers in a convenience store with a vegetable peeler while naked and drunk at the RaceTrac store in St. Petersburg, Florida. *The moral of the story...*never bring a potato peeler to a gunfight.  (Paul Dudley)

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